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Golden Nugz - 03.19.12 - Celebrating a National Title

Congratulations to the Gopher Women's Hockey Team. A National Championship is a National Championship and beating your rivals in the title game is a little extra sweet.

  • The Men's Hockey team will get their chance to win a Championship next weekend and it starts with a #2 seed in the St. Paul Regional. There are three good things about being in this regional. One, there isn't a Friday game. Two, we will hopefully get a chance to knock out UND. Three, it is basically home ice.
  • Gopher Wrestling is your NCAA Runner-Ups to Penn State. Congratulations to Tony Nelson (a sophomore) for winning the heavy weight title and to redshirt freshman Dylan Ness for finishing second.
  • The Miami Herald takes a look at what Miami must do to beat the Gophers tonight in the highly anticipate NIT match-up.
  • It wouldn't be March without some Tubby Smith to another school rumors, this time it is South Carolina. This might be the first time that most of the fanbase will be fine with watching him go. As always I believe there is nothing to this speculation, but maybe with the contract extension not getting done Tubby is more willing to listen.
  • After starting the NIT 3-0, the Big Ten has lost it's other two teams with Northwestern getting pummeled by Washington and Iowa losing to Oregon after giving up 103 points (in regulation)! The Gophers are the league's only chance at a winning NIT record. In the other tournament the Big Ten is rolling to a 9-2 record with four teams in the Sweet 16.
  • Let me point out a couple of NCAA Tournament predictions. Ryan Greene of Yahoo! Sports, The Dagger gave us five teams who could make an NCAA Tournament run (for the first time in their program's history). Four of them have been eliminated, Baylor being the only one left. On the flip side Chris Chase (also of The Dagger) gave us seven teams who can win the whole thing and two who cannot. His two who cannot were Duke and Missouri, he sort of called that one.