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Golden Nugz - noon edition - 3.28.12

Hey, how 'bout them Gophers!?!?!

I gotta tell you, I haven't watched as many Gopher basketball games this season as maybe I should have, but that first half was REALLY fun last night. And about 3/4 of the 2nd half was reasonably fun too. And then the Gophers went into their Tubbishell, and then my ass began to pucker. Glad the Gophs pulled it out or it would have been a VERY uncomfortable night.

-In case you missed Sid being Sid over the weekend... Kaler is doing a good job convincing the state that the U should be able to sell booze in the suites and a beer garden, MBIII is retiring, Royce White is destined for first round status, and the Vikings signed something named EriC (with a C, not an N) Henderson.

-Coach Kill's group had a sloppy practice yesterday, but they kept up the pace and some of the younger Gophers showed a glimpse or two of what we're all so excited about.

-The Minnesota SBNation site recaps last night's win over THE PAC-12 REGULAR SEASON CHAMPION WASHINGTON HUSKIES!!! (caps and exclamation points added for dramatic effect)

-Be honest... a year ago you would have NEVER seen this coming.

-College Hockey News notes that even though the season isn't completely over, the WCHA is being hit hard with early departures.

-Rittenburg doesn't think it's unreasonable for Gopher fans to expect the football team to return to a bowl game this year.

What should Minnesota fans expect this season? Definitely more than three or four wins. It's not unreasonable at all to expect the Gophers to get back to a bowl.