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Senior Day at The Barn, Gophers Seeking First Win in Nearly a Month - OPEN THREAD

Six straight losses...will the streak end tonight? Winning teams stays out of the Big Ten basement.

Game Time: 11:30

Pos Minnesota Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Nebraska Pos
PG Julian Welch 10.2 14.3 Brandon Richardson
G Joe Coleman 5.5 7.8 Bo Spencer G
G/F Austin Hollins 8.8 10.7 Caleb Walker
F Rodney Williams 10.7 6.1 Toney McCray F
C Ralph Sampson III 7.7 10.6 Brandon Ubel F
Bench Andre Hollins 6.1 8.0 Dylan Talley Bench
Bench Chip Armelin 5.7 2.0 Mike Fox
Bench Eliott Eliason
2.6 2.9 Christopher Niemann

It should be recognized that it is senior day. This may be the last time you see Ralph Sampson III play at the Barn. And I'm sure they will recognize Trevor Mbakwe who is a senior and may never play in a Gopher uniform again (but there is still hope).

Ralph, for all of his inadequacies, is a thousand point scorer. In fact he has over 1,000 points, 625 rebounds and over 200 blocks in 112 career starts. If you only knew those numbers you'd think that he had a very good career. But his production regression and lack of any passion has not exactly endeared himself to Gopher fans. Decent career but he certainly has left us wanting more. Best of luck to Ralph on senior day, let's hope that he can go out with a bang and lead the Gophers to a win.

The last time the Gophers won a game it was against Nebraska, on February 5th. Can they sweep the Huskers and remain above the cellar of the Big Ten?