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Golden Nugz - 04.26.12

Gary Tinsley's cause of death has been established. The young man died of an enlarged heart.

In a release, the medical examiner said Tinsley died naturally of cardiomegaly, which can be developed temporarily because of a stress on the body or because of a medical condition.

Hard to believe that someone in such peak physical condition could die of such natural causes like this. I'm not about to try and say what hasn't already been said many times over, but this is truly a sad and unfortunate story. The University is planning to award Tinsley's diploma posthumously next month.

  • There is no good transition from the Tinsley story but moving on. There will be beer served at TCF Bank Stadium this year! The U of M is the first Big Ten school to sell alcohol to teh masses and it will be done with a beer garden which will shut down at the start of the second half of games. This should net the University an additional $2,000,000 in revenue.
  • ESPN's Rittenberg got some time to interview Mr. Norwood Teague.
  • Gopher baseball beat North Dakota St yesterday. That may not seem like a big deal but NDSU is actually pretty good this year and has often been in and out of the Mid-Maajor top 25.
  • Gopher pitcher, T.J. Oakes was named as one of 50 finalists for the College Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher of the Year watch list.
  • MN Dailly profiles Troy Stoudermire.