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Golden Nugz 04.30.12

According to Sid the Vikings have invited a handful of former Gophers to their rookie training camp. The good news for most of them is that they play positions that are a great need for the Vikings.

  • Da'Jon McKnight (WR) - the Vikings need a lot of help at this position and McKnight is a kid who has NFL type athleticism. I believe he is an ideal practice squad kid. He is relatively new to football and has great size. Given a year to develop and acclimate I believe he is capable of contributing in the NFL.
  • Kim Royston (S) - a huge position of need for the Vikings creates this opportunity for Royston. I'm not sure if he has the speed to play in the NFL but as a sure tackler and heady player he'll have a chance.
  • Brandon Kirksey (DT) - Kevin Williams is aging and there is need for depth here. I like Kirksey and see him as another potential practice squad guy, but not likely to make the regular squad.
  • Anthony Jacobs (DL) - Talent has never been a huge question for Jacobs but he is a long shot to contribute in the NFL.

Be sure to check out Daily Norseman Duane Bennett and Eric Lair are both heading to Green Bay trying to further their football careers. I would not be shocked to see Lair earn his way onto a roster, best of luck to both he and Bennett.