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Golden Nugz after a not so golden weekend - 04.09.12

Of course the awful news that former (barely former) Gopher linebacker, Gary Tinsley passed away on Friday morning is what still leads the headlines when it comes to Gopher news.

"This morning, after Coach Kill spoke with the team, I (MarQueis Gray) decided to stand up, take it in my hands and address the team as well, to let them know we're still a family. I told them that as soon as they put their name on that dotted line to come to the University of Minnesota, they entered a whole new brotherhood. When you enter a brotherhood you'll always be a brother. Once you put on that U of M maroon and gold, we're going to be a family through thick and thin. I told them that we need to stick together and make this team stronger.

"I know that I've been friends with (Gary) for about four or five years now. He has grown on me. This morning, it was bad for me as one person, to come up here and address the team and see everyone crying - coaching staff, trainers. It is just overall a sad day for Gopher Nation, as well as the Gopher football team."

Good football player, good teammate and a sad day for the Gopher football family. My prayers are with the Tinsley family and his friends. Ignoring football for a moment it is always difficult to lose someone close to you, especially at such a young age.