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Golden Nugz - 05.04.12

So there is very little being blogged here lately and I apologize for that. It is the dog-days of blogging. Basketball is over, spring football is over (not like we did much to cover that anyway), recruiting is quiet and we have a few months before anything starts happening with football. So with that said I want to know what you want to hear about.

We try to give opinions on Gopher topics. We give previews and reviews from our perspective, we analyze the state of the various Gopher programs as we see it and for some reason you read what we write (and we thank you for that :)). But I want to know what you want to see on the blog over the next several weeks. Do you want to start seeing football previews in May? Positional previews? Opponent previews? Recruiting roundups or predictions? Something non-Gopher related? Basketball or Hockey stuff? Baseball stuff? You tell us and either we'll try to write something or better yet go ahead and write something yourself. Put something in the FanPosts and if it is remotely well thought out or researched and we'll bump it to the front page.

Now a few Nuggets.