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Golden Nugz - 05.09.12

I'm going to lead with something not Gopher related. The Vikings stadium has cleared a second major hurdle and is getting dangerously close to becoming a reality. There are a number of differences between the House version and the Senate's but it doesn't appear to be insurmountable differences and they will all get worked out in conference committee today.

You should absolutely be regularly checking the Daily Norseman as they have been doing an outstanding job covering the whole thing.

I'm sure that many of us are also Vikings fans, at least those who are from here. A few years from now we are going to have some of the absolute best arenas in the country housing all of the local teams (with the Timberwolves being the lone exception). I have been to nearly 20 different MLB stadiums and Target Field is second to none of them. TCF Bank Stadium stands out amongst a crowd of NCAA stadiums that tend to be greater in tradition but also older. Excel Energy Center has remarkably been around for nearly 12 years and is still an elite NHL arena.

Now if only we could field some competitive teams to fill the seats in our facilities.

  • Anthony Jacobs performed well enough at the rookie camp to earn himself a Vikings rookie contract and an invite to training camp. Da'Jon McKnight and Brandon Kirksey could still see a rookie contract offer but for now Jacobs is the only former Gopher to sign his name to an NFL contract.
  • This story out of Ohio State is incredible and a must read.
  • has a profile on Tyus Jones and states that Minnesota really is still a viable landing spot for the Apple Valley point guard. I'm not holding my breath but a successful season this year would go a long way towards keeping him interested.
  • has a cool story on a junior long-jumper from Jamaica. Todea-Kay Willis committed to the Gophers without ever stepping foot in Minnesota and had to adjust to more than just a higher caliber of competition.