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6.13.2012 - Golden Nugz

Oh my goodness, you guys. Is it just me or does this already feel like the longest off-season ever? We're really hitting the dead period now. The Stanley Cup & NBA Finals, along with MLB are all nice distractions, but we've still got 2 months and 18 days until the main course of the sporting landscape hits our television screens. Ugh.

Speaking of distractions, you may enjoy my tweet from last night while I was watching the NBA Finals.

* Something called "The Juice Online" worked up a nice Q & A type preview of this fall's Gophers vs Syracuse football match-up. It's a pretty boiler-plate read, but, come on dudes, it's football!

* Gopher right-handed hurler TJ Oakes is going to the big leagues!

* If you're into headaches and mind-numbing statistics about the history of Gopher Football, you should read FBT's breakdown of the last 45 years of the program. "Breakdown of the program" is about the most simplified way I could have put it. But seriously, VERY interesting read.

That's all I've got today, folks. I'm sorry, I really am. I'm trying.