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EA Sports NCAA 13 Minnesota Rosters and Player Ratings

It is that time of year again when EA Sports releases the one and only game I annually purchase. EA has their Teambuilder feature which A, gives you access to the Gopher roster and the individual player rankings. And B, it allows you to manipulate the rosters with actual names as well as altering uniforms and allows you to individualize everything. A year ago I created a Gopher roster that included the TDG logo on the feild and on the helmets, which was kind of cool. This year I entered what I believe EA was trying to get at with the Gopher roster. There are a few anomalies on both sides of the ball but below is what I believe your Gopher roster will be for EA's NCAA 13.

(PS - you can download this roster to your game when you buy it)

Pos # Name Rating Pos # Name Rating
QB 3 Dexter Foreman 65 LE 49 Matt Garin 67
QB 9 Phillip Nelson 54 LE 93 Ben Perry 74
QB 5 MarQueis Gray 82 LE 55 Thieren Cockran 54
QB 11 Max Shortell 72 DT 92 Youshoub Timms 63
RB 21 James Gillum 76 DT 46 Cameron Botticelli 75
RB 25 Devon Wright 63 DT 99 Ra'Shede Hageman 78
RB 27 David Cobb 67 DT 90 Austin Hahn 69
RB 20 Donnell Kirkwood 74 DT 89 Curran Delaney 72
RB 22 Rodrick Williams Jr 53 RE 98 Michael Amaefula 66
FB 30 Mike Henry 62 RE 95 D.L. Wilhite 74
FB 87 Sahr Ngekia 59 RE 47 Duke Anyanwu 63
TE 83 Drew Goodger 67 LOLB 8 Spencer Reeves 73
TE 81 John Rabe 75 LOLB 26 Mike Rallis 83
TE 91 Kendall Gregory-McGhee 63 LOLB 34 Jephte Matilus 58
WR 23 KJ Maye 61 MLB 48 Brendan Beal 62
WR 19 Matt Kloss 65 MLB 43 Ryan Grant 76
WR 1 Brandon Green 72 MLB 59 Joey Balthazore 66
WR 15 Marcus Jones 71 ROLB 57 Aaron Hill 74
WR 86 Malcolm Moulton 75 ROLB 4 Keanon Cooper 83
WR 85 Jamel Harbison 74 CB 40 Nathan Tow-Arnett 71
WR 80 Devin Crawford-Tufts 68 CB 13 Derrick Wells 75
WR 82 Andre McDonald 73 CB 6 Michael Carter 63
LT 72 Jonah Pirsig 67 CB 23 Grayson Levine 51
LT 58 Ed Olson 79 CB 21 Brock Vereen 77
LT 74 Marek Lenkiewicz 70 CB 3 Martez Shabazz 58
LG 53 Tommy Olson 78 FS 24 James Manuel 71
LG 61 Isaac Hayes 69 FS 11 Troy Stoudermire 67
LG 66 Luke McAvoy 66 FS 16 Steven Montgomery 52
C 62 Zach Mottla 79 SS 27 Cedric Thompson 70
C 64 Caleb Bak 68 SS 28 Kenny Watkins 59
RG 71 Kyle McAvoy 67
RG 65 Josh Campion 57 K 7 Chris Hawthorne 78
RG 52 Zac Epping 76 P 41 Dan Orseske 75
RT 70 Sean Ferguson 73
RT 77 Foster Bush 64
RT 73 Joe Bjorklund 67


Overall this is not a very encouraging roster. Gray is the highest ranked offensive player (by far) and our two best defensive players are linebackers Mike Rallis and Keanon Cooper.


  • Who the F is Matt Kloss? It can't be a transfer from Northern who didn't see any action last year as a JR can it? But there is nobody with the #19 on the roster who is a 6' 200lb senior? On my roster I changed him to Isaac Fruechte.
  • I'm a bit disappointed that Malcolm Moulton is the highest rated receiver, ahead of DCT and Brandon Green. Moulton had several opportunities to make some big plays last year that were dropped.
  • No Jimmy Gjere on the roster is odd. He very well may be our starting RT and he began the 2012 season as starting RT yet there is nobody on the EA roster who fits his description. On my roster I put Gjere in at RT.


  • Mike Rallis at OLB isn't correct, but considering he was on the outside last year it is hard to fault EA on this one and not recognizing he has been moved to MLB.
  • Troy Stoudermire at FS is weird.
  • None of the young linebackers are on this roster. LaMonte Edwards, Quinn Bauducco and Peter Westerhaus are all missing. I added both of Edwards and Westerhaus on my roster.
  • James Manuel has been moved to OLB but again, hard to fault EA for not knowing that.
  • I'm pretty sure Martez Shabazz is on the roster but none of the other JUCO transfers are. I added Jeremy Baltazar on my roster (as well as Fruechte as mentioned above). Roland Johnson is nowhere to be found at DT and I added him to my roster as well.