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Golden Nugz - 07.12.12... Your Freeh Report Distraction

Are you like me this morning? Are you thinking, "Oh geez... oh, come on... just give me something, ANYTHING, besides more talk about that damn Freeh Report"?


*Philip Nelson's favorite HS target is going to try his feet (see what I did there?) at walking on at the U. Hunter Friesen...

...scored 21 touchdowns last season for Mankato West, collecting 1,181 yards on 63 catches.

*Sandell is breaking down the Gophers WR group. He uses a lot of words, all of them good, but it basically boils down to "Someone needs to step up."

*From the "In Case You Missed It" file, and also the "Shamelessly Plugging Myself File," I broke down one of the reasons I hate Notre Dame over at Off Tackle Empire last week during our TSISB week.

*GOOD NEWS! Chicago has named itself Hockey City! Welcome to the bestowing-a-hockey-nickname-upon-yourself bandwagon, Chicago! Also, Chicago will host an outdoor hockey game between two teams that don't even reside in Illinois. This will be a pretty cool event, but I guess there aren't any stadiums in Minnesota or Wisconsin that could have hosted such an event, huh? /whooping cough

*Former Gopher Women's hoopster Kiara Buford is going to be playing professionally in Poland. Color me surprised that basketball is even played in Poland.

*Ralph Sampson III has found a (summer and almost certainly temporary) NBA home! Discuss.

*And lastly, you've probably seen both of these videos, but please, watch them again...