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Golden Nugz - 07.17.12

ESPN's B1G blog has been doing ranking after ranking over the last few weeks and on every conceivable list the Gophers (player, positional unit, stadium, etc) have all languished at or near the bottom. Even the stadium rankings had TCF Bank Stadium somewhere in the bottom half, but don't get me started. Finally we have someone or something in the top 5!

MarQueis Gray was ranked as the #5 QB in the conference.

5. MarQueis Gray, Minnesota, senior: Gray had a rocky beginning to the season as he adjusted back to the quarterback position and a new coaching staff. But in his last five games, he averaged 255 yards of total offense. Of returning Big Ten players, only Robinson, Vandenberg and Martinez were responsible for more total yardage than Gray last season. Like many on this list, Gray has worked on improving his mechanics and accuracy. There isn't a more impressive physical specimen at quarterback than this 6-foot-4, 240-pounder.

I am really looking forward to watching him play this year. It should be a treat.