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Gray and Cooper Have Completed Degrees, Working on Master's Degree

GoAUpher had quite an extensive Nugz this morning with a number of Big Ten Media Days links but I wanted to highlight this on a Friday.

This from Phil Miller's blog entry yesterday.

In addition to daily workouts, Gray said his proudest achievement this summer is finishing his degree. A summer-school class completed the requirements for his degree in youth studies, and Gray said he will spend his senior year working on a master's degree. Same with Cooper, who has already finished his degree in athletic management and kinesiology. Olson, though just a junior, said he could complete his degree in business management education this fall if he chose, but he'd rather take a lighter load of classes during the football season, so he'll finish in the spring.

Those are items worth highlighting. Remember back when Gray had admissions issues out of high school? Well, now he has graduated and is working towards a masters degree. Good for him. And then you have some of the other leaders of the football team who have graduated or will be graduating early. Hats off to these three young men who have big things ahead of them. Sometimes football provides great opportunities for kids and they take advantage of it. I am impressed and pleased for these guys. I am sure there are many more on the roster who have done a great job with the academic portion of being a student-athlete, but these guys were highlighted in Miller's column and I think it is worth recognizing again.