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Golden Nugz - 07.30.12

I'm headlining with this from Ted Glover over at Off Tackle Empire. He put together a conversation of the Big Ten coaches being asked about poaching PSU players. Overall it is pretty funny, but is highlighted by a little tangent conversation between Ferentz and Kill.


Love it. Now on to some Nugz.

  • Gopher diver, Kelci Bryant earned a silver medall in synchronized diving yesterday. The event is sort of dominated by the Chinese so everyone was fighting for 2nd place. Bryant is a 2-time NCAA champion who has one year of eligibility remaining to compete if she chooses.
  • Former Gopher swimmer Jillian Tyler finished 14th in the 100-meter breaststroke semi-finals.
  • Gopher Football running back's coach Brian Anderson was profiled in a Rockford paper. Interesting read about how the Gophers are trying to establish a ground game.
  • Big Ten Powerhouse previews Gopher basketball 2012-13. The preview is pretty vanilla talking about Mbakwe coming back and then giving the returning points per game of the others. 18 predicted wins is disappointing but I can't imagine too many outside of Minnesota are going to be uber excited about the Gophers this fall.
  • Marcus Fuller had this article last week about Gray, academics and other stuff. But the quote I wanted to hightlight was this.
    That Kill was able to retain his entire staff is another reason he's optimistic about his team's improvement in his second year. Three of Kill's assistants, none of whom he would name, had opportunities to move on to better college coaching jobs this year. All three decided to stick with him.

    There is no way to really verify this and it depends on your definition of "better coaching jobs" but there is no denying that he has a very loyal staff. Under the previous coaching staff it seemed as though coaches couldn't wait to get take any other job that became available.
  • Defending NCAA Champion Boston College will be in town next year for the Mariucci Classic.