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Golden Nugz - 08.14.12

17 days to go folks! Nugz time.


- Chip Scoggins brings us a great profile on Rebecca Kill. It's a wonderful story and I highly recommend you give it a look.

- The Gophers are finding hidden gems in SEC country.

- Here are some roundups on Jimmy Gjere's decision to end his playing career. The good news out of all of this is that he'll get to keep his scholly and that the team is looking for a way to keep him involved with the program.

- Love pictures? Gopher Gridiron brings us pics from the scrimmage and practices #9 and #10. Also, scrimmage photos from KFAN.

- More media...Here's some audio of both Coach Kill, Keanon Cooper, Coach Limegrover, MarQueis Gray, and Mike Rallis speaking with the media Coach Kill's is from yesterday, Coop's is from Saturday, and Limegrover/Gray/Rallis were speaking after Friday's scrimmage.

Plenty more after the jump...

- emann finishes his FBT "15 for 2012" with MarQueis Gray.

- Roundup of post scrimmage/BTN visit stories you may have missed. 1) Gray's confidence is palpable. 2) QB's impress. 3) More Gray, as Fuller highlights his passing poise. 4) Fuller follows that up with a look at the the talent and inexperience of some of the frosh. 5) Fuller loves a starter controversy. This time, it's linebacker as he takes James Manuel's reps with the first team D to talk about the fact that Cooper might not start. 6) Fuller was busy this weekend, as he also looked at other receivers who stepped up with DCT injured. 7) Sandell had his scrimmage summary. 8) So did Gopher Sports (including video highlights). 9) Both Gray and Hageman stood out to the BTN crew and Phil rounds up some key quotes from their visit. 10) Here's what Tom Dienhart learned from his visit.

- Gopher Gridiron interviews former Gophers great Ron Johnson.

- FBT puts out their first podcast of the fall.

- Frothy at FBT takes a humorous look at what schtick the Gophers need to adopt.

- Gopher Sports has released their single game tickets TV spot. Not too shabby:

- Oddly enough, future opponents like the UNLV Running Rebels have been practicing too. That's sneaky of them.


- Apparently its bracket time already. ESPN's Joe Lunardi is currently predicting the Gophers to be a 7 seed in the NCAA tourney.

- ESPN takes a preseason look at the entire B1G, including team by team "best case/worst case".


It's only 59 days until hockey opens against Michigan State. That seems wrong somehow.

- Bjugy gave a nice interview to KSTP 5 about his decision to stay at Minnesota.

Misc Gophers

- Gopher Sports previews the women's soccer team.


- Denard Robinson thinks he could outrun Usain Bolt in the 40. Denard is crazy.

- A cool Nebraska tradition is going away because of a helium shortage.

- BTN delivers the top B1G links for Monday.

- Off Tackle Empire takes a look at how every B1G school fared in the Olympic medal count. As you'd expect given our Director's Cup standings in recent years, Minnesota did well.

- The "Tweets of the Week" from last week, courtesy of BTN.

College Football

- Phil Miller takes a stab at his Top 5 for college FB.

- You might have heard, but Honey Badger seems to care about one thing a little too much...weed.

- Every Day Should Be Saturday has a typically awesome sarcastic take on the move. One of several great lines?

Mathieu, most notorious for an insufferable, dead horse nickname and his utter inability to cover future NFL receivers, is expected to be replaced by a normal-sized, fully functioning cornerback.

-LSU's loss is our gain. LSUFreak is back with another high quality gif:



- Mathieu's dismissal lead CBS Sports to put together an "All Castoff Team" for college FB.

- On a better note, here is an awesome video of a walk-on at Vandy being surprised with a scholly during a team meeting:

- Random Michigan related link...there is a nice outdoor patio space you can rent by the Big House. I only include it because this is the sort of thing I hope can eventually appear near TCF if the City ever stops being the fun hating patrol.

- San Diego State might stop punting entirely once they cross the 50.

College Basketball

- CBS Sports interviews college coaches to get their take on who the most overrated coaches in all of college BB are. The also look at who the biggest cheaters are.


- VaTech delivers hideous helmets for their white out game. Failure of this magnitude deserves a good gif...



- Yahoo lists their Top 25 uniform changes for 2012. I think the writer is a little crazy (those horrible Nebraska unis at #2?) but don't mind that the Gophers are listed as #8.

- SB Nation also delivers an awesome roundup of many of the uniform changes you'll see in college FB this fall (including the Gophers). I've said it many times, but the more you see what other teams are doing the more you appreciate just how right the Gophers got it with their new threads.


- Texas A&M is opening a new Player Development Center. The host of this AggieTV thing is as big of a tool as you'd expect.

The Smorgasbord

- Texas A&M is trolling hard with this billboard in Austin.

- The Mike Leach bobblehead is real and I want one.

- Okie State player punches a woman for making fun of his beer pong skills. WTF?