Happy Belated Birthday to Us

I completely forgot that Sunday was TDG's 4th Birthday. This is one of those things that nobody else should really care about, at least not as much as I care about it, but it is worth mentioning. Four years of growing our community and getting to know our Golden Gopher squads at a much more intimate level than I ever had before.

You can see our initial post from PJS here.

What makes this fun and what makes this worth the time and effort put into the blog is the community. So thank you to those of you who check us regularly and particularly those who interact with all of us (and if you read us but don't comment, get your fingers moving!). Early in the life of TDG, PJS and I would get giddy if we got 10 comments on something we had written. Quickly that became the Mendoza line for us and it meant shame and humiliation if we didn't write something that generate discussion. We all share our passion for Gopher football, basketball and hockey, I'm glad that for many of you this is your online home to talk all things Gophers.

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