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Golden Nugz - 08.15.12

Spencer Reeves is taking advantage of his senior season and more broadly is taking advantage of being alive.

"It's definitely a reality check," Reeves said of the death of Tinsley, a linebacker like Reeves. "My whole mindset has changed. ... I know how hard Gary wanted me to fight, so that's also motivation for me."

That altered mindset has put Reeves, a senior, in position to see extensive action at outside linebacker after he made only eight tackles in 10 games last season. Reeves never really made a push to start, and he warmed the bench plenty last season, dropping off in production from his sophomore year. But this is a new year and a last chance.

Another great profile done by Phil Miller, be sure to use one of your 15 free clicks for the month on this one.

I have been able to come across more non-Gopher related links today so here they are.