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Golden Nugz - 08.27.2012


* Are the Strib and the PiPress sharing a brain... an editor... a Google alerts account? Well, whatever they are sharing, it has given us two feature stories over the weekend about the maturation of MarQueis Gray. Read PhilMill's take here, and #FullerTweets take here.

* PhilMill also does his best Bleacher Report impression by charting out a list of story lines that *could* define the Gophers season.

* The Deh-twah Free Press gives a quick preview of the B1G Legends division, and then goes on to predict that the Gophers will shock somebody in the Legends division at some point during the upcoming season.

* Sandell dropped his usual plethora of knowledge bombs. The first bomb was one everyone saw coming: Harbison and Maye figure to play in the UNLV game. Brendan Beal has a broken hand? Coach Kill, not surprisingly, intends to redshirt Mitch Leidner. Phil Nelson will be the 3rd stringer at QB, but that doesn't mean he can't still redshirt.

* Over 1,200 people jumped on their motorcycles in Southern Illinois over the weekend to help raise money for a cancer fund that Coach Kill established in 2005 when he was head coach of the Salukis.

*De'Leon Eskridge, entering his senior season with San Jose State, is likely to figure into the Spartans plans at running back.

* Joen Niesen says college sports is a business, but it's reputation, not money, that wins on the recruiting trail, which then wins on the field.