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SBN Wednesday Wanderings - 9.12.12

Time for my weekly look at what some other blogs in the SB Nation universe have to offer us. For anyone who didn't read last week's edition and isn't familiar with the concept, this is a post where give the spotlight to stories away from TDG that I think are worth a little extra attention. As always, I'll include an excerpt if possible and some reasons why I think each is worth your time.

A warning, I've brought back some Iowa links with me from my journey. Do not fear, they make fun of Iowa's troubles. Today's ND to the ACC news also brought about a bonus 4th highlighted SB Nation site. Let's take a look at what I've collected:

Kirk Ferentz Using Empty Trophy Case to Display Model Car Collection (from the Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants)

Are you still savoring the tears of unfathomable sadness spilled by fans of our rivals this past weekend? Then I highly recommend you read this fine entry in BHGP's Bat***t Insanity section:

Breaking news out of Iowa City today: Following his team's second consecutive defeat to Iowa State Saturday, Kirk Ferentz admitted he is using the team's long-vacant traveling trophy case to display his collection of model cars. "My wife told me she was tired of them taking up so much space in the living room, and we have a perfectly good display case with nothing in it here at the office, so why not?" the longtime Iowa head coach explained.

BHGP does self immolation quite well. They are really pissed off and the payoff for the rest of us is huge. Check it out for a good laugh. HONORABLE BAT***T INSANITY MENTION: James Vandenberg searches for answers


Like what you see so far? Head below the jump for 2 3 more (thanks for selling out Notre Dame!) quality links (the next one is from another Iowa rival and is full of Kirk hating goodness)...

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Curt and the Concealment Clan (via the Iowa State blog Wide Right and Natty Lite)

Well, since I highlighted the our rivals over at BHGP it seemed only fitting to toss a link out towards the irreverent bastards at Wide Right Natty Lite. Especially since their Clones brought about the great gnashing of teeth in Iowa City that we are all enjoying this week. This story is a fantastic parody of the old school Batman TV show. The only thing it's missing is some POFF! ZLAP! SNORK!



Here's a little taste of what they cooked up:

By day, Kirk Ferentz is the mild-mannered coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes. But when scandal strikes, he transforms into... CAPTAIN CURT: Superhuman condescender and defender of the Hawkeye Way.


RhabDoyle: Golly Captain, your plan seems to be working perfectly! No sign of that awful PressMan anywhere!

Captain Curt: Yes, my young ward; PressMan and his legion of Heinous Hacks will stop at nothing to get a good story. They have a way of turning up at the most inopportune moments. But we'll be safe here...

But wait, what's that?! My stringer-sense is tingling!

RhabDoyle: Captain! Look out the window! PressMan and his forces are assembling outside the walls of Kinnick as we speak! There must be a hundred of 'em out there!

Seriously, this is fantastic. Read it now. There are even great photoshops included:



WRNL HONORABLE MENTION #1: Hockumentary: Draft Day with Royce White. Not original content from WRNL, but something I wouldn't have found otherwise. This is a great short documentary from Grantland (just under 9 minutes) that follows Royce's draft day. It focuses quite a bit on his anxiety disorder and how this mental illness almost took him entirely out of the first round (and maybe off the draft board all together). It's a great story. Also, it informed me that there is another NBA organization willing to trust Kevin McHale (which seems foolish, albeit a great help to Royce).

WRNL HONORABLE MENTION #2: Thank You For Your Support, Hawkeyes. WRNL serves up a delicious dose of hate trolling as they made a donation to the Cyclone Club in the name of Black Heart Gold Pants. Well played.

SPECIAL BONUS: NOTRE DAME IS SO INDEPENDENT, MOM (from the college football blog Every Day Should Be Saturday)

God bless you EDSBS. We all think the Domer's obsession with football independence is sad but hilarious. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing us this phone conversation between Mama Dame and RebACCa, Notre Dame's live in girlfriend. This is gold Jerry, GOLD!

"RebACCa, this is Mama Dame. How are you, sweetie?" Oh, I'm great. How's your back?"

"Feeling much better. Did you get the muffins I sent you? They're fat-free."

"I did! You're the best."

"That's good. Is my boy around?"

"He's working late. Michigan State week. You know how he is.

"Oh, I do worry so. It's been rough for him, but I'm glad you're living together. It'll help him out so much, and you're so giving."

"Well, you're very understanding. I know this isn't the way you...the way you wanted it."

"No, really, I...I just hope he appreciates everything. The Wake Forests. The Dukes. Really, sweetie, just the Dukes and the Marylands alone will help him so much. And I know you'll get married. That's what makes this okay in my eyes. God understands."

"We know this. He'll figure it out in time, Mama."

"Just be...careful."

"He's still got the Trojans on the schedule, if you know what I mean."

READ IT. Do it. You'll thank me.

Penn State scandal likely to rock basketball program, too (from the college basketball blog Searching For Billy Edelin)

This is a bit of an oldy. Throughout this entire mess at PSU, I did not once think about the effect it might have on other Nittany Lion programs. SFBE passes along some stories (from a CBS Sports article) that suggest that perhaps the stain of the Jerry Sandusky era might stretch beyond football.

Starting now, everything you thought about Penn State, and what their logo represents, has likely shifted to sex abuse, and it will likely be a sentiment that proliferates until further notice. As our youth grows up, the thoughts of how previous generations perceived Penn State will be replaced with something far less pleasant.

I liked how it got me thinking about something I hadn't pondered. That said, I'm not sure I buy that it will ultimately have a noticeable negative effect on recruiting though (PSU's general struggles will contribute mightily to that). I know that the origin of the post was from outside SFBE, but I appreciated how the blog brought it to my attention.

As always, let me know your thoughts on the links I'm bringing to you!