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TDG Gameday Pics - Western Michigan

Another perfect Saturday afternoon for Golden Gopher football that was capped by another Gopher win.


(more pics after the jump)

The drum line and Goldy getting the stadium ready for the game.

Img_2457_medium Img_2459_medium

The man we were all worried about, Alex Carder dropping back to pass.

Img_2491_medium Img_2502_medium

Marcus Jones out on a pass route and Devin Crawford-Tufts lining up pre-snap.

Img_2469_medium Img_2518_medium

Bobby Bell receiving the Outland Trophy that he never originally received.


Keanon Cooper lining up and dropping back into pass coverage.

Img_2538_medium Img_2539_medium

Max Shortell passing and MarQueis Gray running, is it really just that simple?

Alex Keith and Roland Johnson rushing the passer.

Img_2531_medium Img_2611_medium

Michael Carter playing defense, he may have been the defensive MVP today.

Img_2545_medium Img_2577_medium

I LOVE these uniforms. I'm a big fan of the "MINNESOTA" in place of the name and the brick pattern in the numbers really shows on the yellow jerseys.


that is all for this weekend.