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SBN Wednesday Wanderings - 9.19.10

Do you honestly want to live in a world where you are cheering for this guy?  No, you do not.

Credit: Reid Compton-US PRESSWIRE
Do you honestly want to live in a world where you are cheering for this guy? No, you do not. Credit: Reid Compton-US PRESSWIRE

So what's going on around the SB Nation interwebs? Well, I've brought back a few choice selections to share with you all. I've got a pretty solid hate filled rant, a weekly feature that you should be reading (if you aren't already), and videos. I might have to make that a WW rule, the 3rd link must always be a video. We'll see how that goes. In any case, it's time to share the links.

To Hell With Conference Solidarity (from the OSU blog Land Grant Holy Land)

DJ Byrnes has penned a screed decrying the idea of supporting our fellow conference members in the name of B1G solidarity. And he's done so with both venom and enthusiasm:

If you won the MegaMillions, how many cities (in America alone) would you have to go through before you say something like, "YOU KNO WUT? LET'S GO CHECK OUT BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA." Why in the hell should I have solidarity with people in Madison Wisconsin? Because our states are within driving distance? Because we decided to form a footbaw conference with them back in the 1900's?

Frankly, I have to agree. I hate the SEC as much as any other midwesterner, but I've never been able to bring myself to care that much about the conference solidarity. I never cheer for Wisconsin and Iowa...ever. And to be honest, I'm not going to spill any tears if some of the other schools in the conference get upset (see: the Appalachian State game). Frankly, I think conference solidarity is a luxury for fans of programs that aren't trying to make their way back to respectability. If your team isn't fighting for a national title game berth or a 2nd BCS bowl slot, then why should you really care what the rest of the world thinks of your conference? And even then, would you really be all that bummed if the Gophers were to win the B1G during a horrid "down year" where the rest of the B1G sucked? No, you most certainly would not.

So screw you Brett "Turkey Neck" Bielma. Screw you Michigan Men. Heck, screw you too Willie the Wildcat. Better Dead Than Anything Not A Gopher!

The jump, coming at ya.

This Week In Schadenfreude: Colorado Makes It Respectable (from SB Nation contributor Brian Cook)

If you're not reading Brian (and yes, this is MGoBrian we're talking about here) and his look at fanbases melting down after losses then you are only hurting yourself. Lots of delicious #FAIL here. To be fair, some TDG readers made their way into TWIS last season, but those days are (hopefully) long gone. Not the losing...there will sadly be more of that. I mean the TWIS worthy #EPICFREAKOUTS. In the meantime, the Gophers are 3-0 so enjoy the Schadenfreude! To wit, I submit this quote...

55-7 at halftime. I'm a sucker, so I didn't turn the game off in the 2nd quarter when I first thought about doing so. I stayed pat. I kept watching. I must really hate myself. What kind of reasonable person would put themselves through that?

...and this set of emoticons:


Brian searches the CFB world for this craziness every week. ENJOY IT.

Welcome Back, NFL - NFL 2012 (from the Mothership's YouTube account)

MOAR VIDEOZ. This time they're original to SB Nation though.

I'm using the "Welcome Back, NFL" video to highlight the fact that the SB Nation YouTube account has some good stuff. Some of it combines high production values with humor (see above). Other choices, like Shutdown Fullback (a personal fave), goes in more for the humor and 8 bit animations:

On a more serious note, you'll find in depth looks at aspects of sports you might not have thought the video tech folks for a team like Nebraska:

Heck, you even get informational (but still humorous) looks at how NFL logos have changed over the years:

So give them a look whenever you've got some time. I shall now retreat into my basement fortress to count all the bribery money from the Mothership (this time they sent it in nickels!).