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Linked Up - College FB Through The Blogs of Others

Now that we're all United, here's a look at 3 SB Nation college football blogs (Sunday Morning Quarterback, Off Tackle Empire, and Every Day Should Be Saturday) that are out on the interwebs delivering quality content.

Have you all gotten your official SB Nation United decoder rings yet? That was something that was coming with this platform update right?

/Checks emails from GN

/Looks harder, still nothing

/Wanders away

/Ooooohh, leftover donuts from an AM leadership meeting

/Returns to finish post

Ok, so I must have dreamed the decoder ring. But SB Nation United is a thing and it has happened (as many of you have noted...thanks for being constructive in your comments BTW). As a part of the frivolities that accompany the change, the Mothership has asked us to put out a post connecting TDG to some of the other fine college football blogs that are out there delivering good articles and content. Basically, it's a CFB centric version of the Wednesday Wanderings post I do (speaking of which, the regularly scheduled version will come out tomorrow as per the usual schedule). So welcome to United and as my gift to you, enjoy these tasty links.

Sunday Morning Quarterback

Mid Major Monday: Matt Hinton does a weekly segment on SMQ that I think highlights why his blog is such a great read for CFB fans. MMM is a post that is devoted to looking at teams from non-BCS conferences. Of course he spends time talking about teams like Boise State that you already know. But the story is always full of details that you probably didn't know otherwise. MMM is just one example of how SMQ brings you more details from the wider CFB world.

Off Tackle Empire

Grading the B1G in the Non-Con: Are you reading OTE? No? What's wrong with you? It has our very own JDMill and local Viking fanatic Ted Glover writing for it. Not good enough? How about it's deep stable of writers from other schools? It's laserlike focus on the B1G and all the teams in it? OK, not so much Illinois or Indiana since their fans don't seem to exist on the internet for CFB, but everyone else has a nice turnout in the comments? How it's a great place to talk smack when your team is up (or when you're down but beat Iowa back to back)? The hilarious and spot on B1G Power Rankings? Make this part of your blogroll.

Every Day Should Be Saturday

Kirk Ferentz On That Hustle: EDSBS. Your stop for irreverent general CFB fun. The Yin to SMQ's Yang as it were. For instance, take this story about Ferentz. It calls out the absurdly large contract he has and the insane buyout that it includes, but it doesn't just hand you numbers. No, no, no. It puts it into the proper context:

To buy out Kirk Ferentz, the University of Iowa would have to pay him:

  • The sum of 200 Lao citizen's average GDP per capita monthly
  • The price of rescuing 64,000 dogs monthly from a shelter (dump 'em all in Paul Rhoads' lawn)
  • 48,517 Maid-Rite loose meat sandwiches sent via air mail anywhere in the United States every month. (Send 'em to Adam Jacobi! He'll build a fortress of 'em, and let the rats share the bounty!)
  • 2,500 Ricky Stanzi Iowa Fatheads purchased monthly.
  • $1,667 monthly memberships to Crossfit (so you can feel the burn of rhabdo personally)
  • Pay 17.24 Chuck Grassley (Senator, Iowa) salaries annually.

You need this level of snark in your life friends. Check it out.