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Gophers and Hawkeyes Battle for Floyd of Rosedale - OPEN THREAD

Gophers looking to keep Floyd of Rosedale for the third year in a row but they have to travel to Iowa City to earn it.

Game Time: 11:01 AM
Radio: 100.3 FM, 1130 AM

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers Iowa Hawkeyes
Points / Game 29.8 20.5
Pass Yards 222.2 202.0
Rush Yards 183.8 155.8
3rd Down % 43.1% 40.4%
Key Offensive Player to Watch James Gillum and
Donnell Kirkwood
QB-James Vandenberg
Points Allowed/Game 16.8 18.5
Pass Yards 179.0 205.8
Rush Yards 128.5 113.2
3rd Down % 35.4% 34.5%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Ra'Shede Hageman James Morris

Three Gopher Questions

  1. How will the Gophers react to going on the road against a Big Ten rival? - We are 4-0, we have won a road game and we are about a touchdown underdog. But does anyone else feel like around here we are almost expected to win? We have played well this year while Iowa has really struggled. But we should not forget that we haven't won in Iowa City since 1999. And let us not forget about the pink lockerroom. Will we play more passive?
    Is the defense up to the task of a more balanced offense? - Syracuse and Western Michigan were clearly pass-happy teams. The Gopher defense was up to the task of taking away their strength but Iowa is a more balanced team. Their run game is being patched together with a former back-up full back taking the majority of carries as the team's new feature back. James Vandenberg is a very capable passer with a couple dangerous receivers in Keenan Davis and Kevonte Martin-Manley. This team is a going to try and bruise us on the ground and then spray it through the air. Is the defense going to get put on their heels?
    Who hates Iowa? - How could this question not make the list? This is a great rivalry and has been ignited a bit over the last couple years when Minnesota has upset the Hawks two years in a row. Floyd is up for grabs and he belongs at home in Minnesota.