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Gophers Set to Sell Beer and Host New Hampshire Wildcats - OPEN THREAD

TV: Big Ten Network (DirecTV-610, DISH-439, Comcast-256)
Game Time: 11:00 AM
Radio: 100.3 FM, 1130 AM

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers New Hampshire Wildcats
Points / Game 30.0 38.0
Pass Yards 269.0 252.0
Rush Yards 209.0 279.0
3rd Down % 20.0% 65.0%
Key Offensive Player to Watch MarQueis Gray
QB-Sean Goldrich
Points Allowed/Game 27.0 17.0
Pass Yards 116.0 75.0
Rush Yards 159.0 271.0
3rd Down % 35.3% 18.2%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Derrick Wells LB-Mat Evans

Three Gopher Questions

  1. One streak will end and another will continue, which will it be? - Will the Gophers extend their winning streak to three and end their losing streak to FCS teams? The last FCS team we beat was South Dakota State in 2009. But we also have a two game winning streak.
    How many overthrown balls will we see from Gray? - Reportedly Gray had nine overthrown balls last week at UNLV. Was it first game jitters? He did settle down in OT, but he needs to be able to hit wide open guys.
    Is this what we can expect from Derrick Wells? - Obviously we cannot expect for him to receive national player of the week honors each week. But is he going to be a future All-Big Ten caliber safety that we can rely upon in the secondary?

The Answers

  1. The FCS streak ends and the Gophers have their first 3-game win streak since 2008. After being man-handled last year by North Dakota State, I don't see how this team could overlook New Hampshire. I dont't think UNH is as good as NDSU was last year and I am firmly convinced that we are better. I think we win this game, work out some of the offensive kinks and move forward with a relatively convincing win. Not Oklahoma State over Savanna State convincing, but we win by two touchdowns or more.
  2. As I eluded above, I think we work out the kinks offensively. Will Gray be perfect? No. But he will be much better than he was last week and I think we connect on two or three big plays for 6.
  3. I am starting to become a believer that Wells is the real deal. The kid has good size and good speed. But what is going to make him a fixture in the secondary for the rest of this year and the next two is that he knows where to be and when to be there. Is he going to rack up a closet full of awards before he graduates? I don't know about that, but he will finish as one of the best safeties we have seen since Tyrone Carter. Today is another day to get better for this young man before we face a couple of better passing teams and then the Big Ten. There will be growing pains but hopefully we have found a starting safety through 2014.

I think we win today and hopefully it will be a game with some offensive big plays and a boring fourth quarter.