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TDG Gameday Pics - New Hampshire

What a beautiful day to witness a Golden Gopher 44-7 win.


Many (MANY) more pics after the jump

Pregame stuff. Ed Olson carrying the flag and the new student section Ski-U-Mah banner.

Img_2187_medium Img_2195_medium

Troy Stoudermire's opening kickoff return and Troy in between plays.

Img_2201_medium Img_2219_medium

Muffed punt followed by Isaac Fruechte's touchdown. Two points plus seven = 9-0.

Img_2234_medium Img_2250_medium

MarQueis Gray run in the 1st quarter and the Gopher defense being set against the Wildcat offense.

Img_2286_medium Img_2306_medium

A break for my new favorite cheerleader dance team member and the fans.

Img_2291_medium Img_2331_medium

Your Gopher safeties Derrick Wells and Cedric Thompson. And your swarming Gopher defense, that is gang tackling.

Img_2310_medium Img_2318_medium

New Hampshire touchdown followed by a Gopher touchdown on the next offensive play.

Img_2321_medium Img_2323_medium

Theiran Cockran lining up and then Ra'Shede Hageman getting double-teamed.

Img_2349_medium Img_2366_medium

The Gopher defense getting all kinds of pressure on the New Hampshire quarterback.

Img_2408_medium Img_2428_medium

Zach Mottla lining up and then making a great block to give Gray room to run for a first down in the 2nd quarter.

Img_2434_medium Img_2437_medium

John Rabe's touchdown and Gray's second rushing touchdown.

Img_2389_medium Img_2413_medium

Gary Tinsley patch on the uniforms.