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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Rayfield Dixon Officially Signs

How he fits

Dixon and De'Niro Laster are very similar prospects, as both are long armed, taller LB prospects who are relatively new to the position. The main difference, however, is playing speed: Dixon is a faster and quicker LB, which should prove an asset while covering TEs or slot receivers on the strong side and avoid blocks to attack the ball carrier. If he doesn't end up a strongside backer, he could move over to WLB depending on his open field tackling ability.

Chances to play in 2013

As with Laster, dependent upon how well the current crop of young linebackers progress in spring and fall camp. Claeys mentioned Jack Lynn and Jephete Matilus as linebackers who may be ready to take the next step in a recent article with Nate Sandell,