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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Berkley Edwards Officially Signs

How he fits

Edwards, despite his exceptional speed, is not shifty open field runner -- which is fine. He is a decisive back who can make one cut and burst; in Limegrover's inside zone/power/pin and pull blocking schema, the running back needs to pick a gap quickly and get vertical. Berkley's quick decision making, lower body power and compact frame make him a better fit for this style of offensive line blocking compared to say, Iowa's.

Chances to play in 2013

Edward's speed is an asset currently missing from the current stable of Gopher running backs. Considering the staff wants to improve the explosiveness and athleticism on offense across the board (and turn 15 yard scampers out of the Maryland-I into home runs), Berkley's chances of seeing the field in 2013 are high. His work ethic and burning desire to live up to the family legacy will only aid in that quest.