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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Alex Mayes Officially Signs

How he fits

Mayes is a tall, tough, physical technician of a run blocker at the tackle position. Appears to have good feet, a nasty finishing demeanor and capability of driving the defender back when he can get the opponent square.

Chances to play in 2013

Probably low. Despite only playing 3 tackles last season, the Gophers are not especially deep at the position; Kill had to be persuaded not to lift the redshirt off prized 2012 recruit Jonah Pirsig. Knowing that, it's not impossible for Mayes to come in and beat out several of last year's prospects on the depth chart.

However, Mayes could stand to gain some more flexibility in his lower body, improve his knee bend and get stronger overall as a prospect. There's also time needed to learn zone blocking principles a transition that usually takes a while for high school linemen to figure out.