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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Hendrick Ekpe Officially Signs

How he fits

Much like his older brother and current Gopher Scott, Hank uses athleticism and natural strength to win battles in the trenches. He plays with good pad level and has an explosive first step which allows him to play bigger than his listed measurables. He's a surprisingly tough run defender despite a more angular frame.

Chances to play in 2013

Since he's already on campus, he has a leg up on Salzwadel from a S&C and defensive scheme learning standpoint. One thing that's unclear from his high school film, however, is whether he can bend around the edge and rush the passer effectively. Since he played 3-4 DE and DT in high school, he wasn't asked to do the type of things required out of Claeys' attacking style defensive line. How quickly he can adapt his game to fit that mold while maintaining his strengths as a player will determine how quickly he earns PT.