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Minnesota Football Recruiting: Demaris Peppers Officially Signs

How he fits

Peppers is a very similar prospect to 2012 signee Scott Ekpe, who ended up playing as a true freshman. He has a good frame and shows good natural strength for a defensive tackle. Plays with good pad level and leverage.

Chance to play in 2013

I wouldn't be shocked if he did, though he may not have to depending on how well Jordan Hinojosa performs during the spring, the status of Roland Johnson's rehab and if a player like Harold Legania can make the leap as redshirt junior. Lots of ifs in there, which is which Peppers may get the shot at rotation duty. Claeys suggested his up to 270 lbs. already and if he can get up to 280-285 by the end of fall camp, he'll put himself in the mix for PT.