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Monday Musings - A Gopher Basketball or Gopher Hockey NCAA Postseason "Would You Rather?"

It's a slow start to the week in the Gopher Sports world so let's ask a hypothetical to pass the time.

Alright, this one week between Gopher basketball games thing really starts to get old once you start the week and you're waiting until Friday for hockey. This situation calls for a completely random "Would You Rather" question. So...

Would You Rather See:

Gopher Basketball team at a NCAA Regional (Sweet 16/Elite 8)?


Gopher Hockey at the Frozen Four?

Notes for the purposes of the hypothetical:

- You are seeing them in person (update: and can pick any seats you want).

- You can assume the hoopty ball Gophers are playing at whichever Regional you like best (DC, LA, Arlington, Indy).

- You can assume that the Gophers win the games (you could also assume they'd lose but then you'd be a horrible person).

- I chose the Regional for basketball primarily because at this point in the season it is more likely than a Final Four. Also, I think if you had to choose between Final Four/Frozen Four almost everyone who isn't a hockey fan first would pick Final Four and I wanted to make the choice more difficult if I could.

What would I choose?

It's a tough decision. I'm a basketball fan first and foremost so my initial gut reaction is to say NCAA Regional. But thinking it through I think I have to give the nod to the Frozen Four. Some reasons why:

- While it may be played in a neutral professional venue, the one redeeming quality of a Frozen Four is that it is played in an arena designed to hold hockey. The same cannot be said of half of the Regional venues.

- The Frozen Four is played in Pittsburgh this year. For some, that might be a downside. But I really want to see a Pirates game at the Pirates stadium (always called one of the best in baseball) and they happen to be at home that Friday night. So that's a plus for me.

- Of the 4 Regionals, I only want to spend time in DC. But I'm already headed there in August for a wedding.

- Only the Frozen Four gives you the chance to see the Gophers win a national title.

That's my pick. What would you choose?