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Golden Nugz - 1.22.13 - I Have No Snappy Title Tuesday

Just stop UND folks. You're embarrassing yourselves.

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Gopher Hockey


- WHIOUX FANS STRUGGLE WITH LOGIC? NEVER! Any Whioux fan or beat writer who tries to claim that Minnesota should have UND on the schedule because UW was able to hold spots open is an idiot. There, I said it. If you're not smart enough to get that UW has 8 more open slots in their future yearly non-con schedules because they don't have 4 in state programs to play then you should probably stop typing. If a hockey rube like me can work my way through the details on my own then those who cover the game all the time should be able to as well.

- That inflammatory opening line brings me to this very large and full of info blog post by Roman. First item? Lucia firing back at those complaining about the UND hiatus. I'd read the whole thing, but this quote ultimately sums it up:

"We have a rule at the University of Minnesota -- not put in by me -- but by the regents that we can not play a team with an Indian nickname," Lucia said. "And for years, this controversy with North Dakota and the nickname has been going on. And it has been fought in the courts and everything else.

"And it did not get settled until this summer. Well -- if you want to put the blame on me for not waiting to find out whether it was going to get settled or not, then so be it. I can accept that fact.

"I wasn't going to wait. When the conferences all broke up a couple of years ago. And we were heading into all these new conferences, it was kind of a frenzy and free-for-all for scheduling nonconference games. And when we had the opportunity to schedule some good opponents -- I could have waited, but I chose not to wait. But I wanted to ensure we had a good schedule for our fans and our team."

(NOTE: Both bits of emphasis are mine and aren't in the original.)

Ultimately that's what it comes down to. UND didn't have its stuff together, it was time to set up games, Minnesota had a limited number of spots (again, unlike Wisconsin you NoDak know-nothings), and Don didn't feel like waiting around for all the idiot rubes in the Whioux fanbase to figure out that the nickname wasn't staying no matter how much they pouted. As much as I love the intensity of the rivalry I'm good with that. It isn't the fault of the U that UND let their decision making get ruled by people who let emotion overrule the ability to rationally understand a simple fact...the nickname was going away.

Also in the blog post? Haula is sore and what that means and notes on how they're handling resting Wilcox.

- Elsewhere on Roman's blog: This weekend's matchup against MSU-M could turn into a dual of frosh netminders and why Saturday was a good tie for the Gophers and a bad tie for UND.

- The Gophers are now #2 in the Pairwise. Boom.

- Jeff Dubay stopped by Goons World to chat about Gopher Hockey.

- Wally Shaver previews MSU-M.


- BRACKETS! GET YOUR BRACKETS HERE! Lunardi says we're a 3 seed in the South, playing in KC for the opening round. Andy Glockner agrees on the 3 seed, but puts us in the East with an opening round in Auburn Hills, MI. Glockner continues to list Minnesota as a lock for the tourney along with Indiana and Michigan.

- Amelia touches on a subject that used to affect our bubble status but that now should only affect our seeding. Quality wins. Or in this case, how many of what we hoped would be quality wins are now losing their luster. This shouldn't be a huge deal, but it is something to keep an eye on. And you there, Florida State, Memphis, Illinois...knock this stuff off.

- INJURIES SMINJURIES: Ok, this is actually important. It sounds like Joe Coleman and Rodney Williams were dinged up against Michigan.

Joe Coleman sprained an ankle at Indiana, and has been dealing with that injury ever since, Smith said. The sophomore sat out practice on Saturday (the team had a film session on Friday and took the day off yesterday) after receiving an MRI, but with it coming back clean, Coleman should be back today, Smith said.

Also, Rodney Williams is dealing with a knee injury and a groin issue as well, the coach said. Williams apparently tweaked both against Indiana and wore a knee sleeve against Michigan.

Asked whether he thinks that had a significant impact on the way the senior played vs. the Wolverines, Smith said, "He wasn’t himself, let’s put it that way."

Williams has been complaining some about his hip/groin area since the Indiana game as well.

"I think the combination of that, and being bumped, and when you go up against the best, too, they are a pretty talented team, you want to be at your full strength," Smith said. "Psychologically, I’m thinking he’s fine, but in reality, he probably wasn’t fully mentally sharp or physically sharp, but he’s fine now."

So there's the possible answer to the "WTF RODNEY?" questions last week.

- The Daily says the Gophers go into Northwestern looking for answers.

- TUBBY 'STACHE TWEETS. I like the "Guess Who?" one.

- Amelia brings us a Josh Perkins recruiting update.

- aMAILia Bag and Amelia video: Can the Gophers recover against Northwestern?

- Dunking 102 with Rodney Williams: Episode 2

- More STrib video: The recruitment of Rashad Vaughn


- Chris Streveler, the talented IL quarterback who enrolled in the U early, just wants to fit in on campus. I'm excited to see how this kid develops. I'm also glad he should be able to be given time (and a RS) to do just that. Bonus info on our newest QB.


- Goldy Gopher, national champion.

Women's Hockey

- The wins over the weekend propelled the women's hockey team close to yet another record:

The Gophers won their NCAA-record 31st consecutive game. If they win or tie in the series finale at 3 p.m. today, they would match Wisconsin's NCAA-record 32-game unbeaten streak.

They are simply awesome.

Women's Basketball

- Nebraska ended the Gophers' 6 game home winning streak.


- Highlights from the win over Illinois.


- Illinois basketball must think passing will give them UND herpes or something.

- Bert Bielema can't quit (trolling) UW fans. More on that.

College Sports

- SEC leads the pack in spending on athletes, is below average on spending for normal students. And they wonder where the stereotypes come from? WHY THOSE YANKEES ALWAYS MAKIN' FUN OF US PAWWWWWWLLLL??? IMMA HANGUP N LISTEN.

- Joel Maturi? USC needs to hire you as a consultant. Seriously though, given the crazy money USC is pumping into their facilities this sort of story is a disgrace.

College Football

- Recruit just makes up a visit to Notre Dame. Good thing there isn't an entire online industry based around this subject full of people who could easily prove he was lying...

- Another recruit no-no? Getting arrested while on a visit.

- Here's the Top 10 worst salary deals (per win) in all of college football.



Hi Kirk, what a surprise to see you here!

College Basketball

- Luke Winn uses KenPom to ID contenders and pretenders.


- ALL THE NEW HELMETS: Houston, Baylor, and Illinois...come on down!









Thoughts? Houston, why are you trying to be Wazzu with that first helmet? And Baylor, do you want to be called the Doornobs with those gold helmets? I like the black ones though. Illinois? Well, the zig-zag is unique I guess. I like the orange one.

- Baylor basketball doesn't want FB to have all the fun.




- UNLV, if you pull this off it will literally be epic.



UNLV's 60,000-seat stadium proposal will feature a 100-yard-long video screen, making it the "world's largest multimedia immersive experience," according to developers.

UNLV officials and its private partner, Majestic Realty, presented an update to Nevada's higher education leaders on Friday, revealing more design details and information on the "mega events" stadium – dubbed UNLV Now – and what it is expected to bring to Las Vegas.

"This project is a game changer for UNLV and Las Vegas," said Don Snyder, UNLV Now's project lead. "It's an important and significant project for the state as well. It's the next big thing."

UNLV Now will be fully enclosed, and feature two clubs, six 300-seat VIP suites, and more than 50 conventional suites seating 10 to 24 guests.

Developers still have not put a price on the center – widely reported to be in the neighborhood of $800 million – but Snyder confirmed UNLV would be seeking more private funding beyond what Majestic provides. The Las Vegas Area Convention and Visitors Authority, casinos and hotels – "the industry" as Snyder called it – also will be asked to contribute an undetermined amount toward the stadium.

"This is a three-way partnership between UNLV, our private partner (Majestic) and the industry," Snyder said, "It's natural that they play a role."

- Illinois is getting a snazzy new scoreboard and it's bigger than ours.



The Smorgasbord


- Patrick Bateman just murdered 4 more people after seeing Vandy head coach James Franklin's awesome business cards.



- Butler kid wins money with half-court shot on first try:

- Drunk student section bros from NC put together awesome Braveheart like speech before the Duke win. I wonder if they reenacted the torture scene before the inevitable home loss that followed that big win?

- Real Life Mario Cart. This is why engineers were invented people.

Where things really get amazing, however, are the RFID-embedded power-up item boxes suspended over the track by pieces of rope, which allow the player to collect items like bananas and turtle shells modeled on the original Mario Kart game — and actually affect their performance in the race. The mushroom item, for example, wirelessly activates tiny Servo motors that enable go-karts to speed up by accessing 100 percent of their throttle power.

- Jim Harbaugh put on an interpretive dance program over the weekend.



- You know the cold weather we've been having? This guy survived 2 days in it lost in northern WI.

- In the wake of the Lance and Manti messes, it's nice to hear a good uplifting story about an honest athlete.

Two weeks ago, on December 2, Spanish athlete Iván Fernández Anaya was competing in a cross-country race in Burlada, Navarre. He was running second, some distance behind race leader Abel Mutai - bronze medalist in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the London Olympics. As they entered the finishing straight, he saw the Kenyan runner - the certain winner of the race - mistakenly pull up about 10 meters before the finish, thinking he had already crossed the line.

Fernández Anaya quickly caught up with him, but instead of exploiting Mutai's mistake to speed past and claim an unlikely victory, he stayed behind and, using gestures, guided the Kenyan to the line and let him cross first.