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Minnesota Football: My Response To Jim Souhan's Latest Nonsense

Seriously everyone, I'm going to thoroughly dissect this smelly pile of BS until every single nonsense argument is shredded.

GIF Oracle

Jim Souhan wrote another pile of slop today. I'm not linking to it. The summary? The U has no football brains so Glen Mason should be hired as a football czar. That's literally the term used, football czar. No definition, though Souhan thinks it could mean he's an interim HC, the new football AD, or a one man search committee to replace Coach Kill.

Alright, time to fisk, fisk, fisk. I hope you're all ready. 5,000 words of displeasure, c'mon at ya.



I mean, reread the summary of what Souhan wrote. Is there a more appropriate response than the EE wanking motion GIF? I think not. And a EE wanking GIF is certainly worth 5,000 words.

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