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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz 10-15-13

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It is really hard to get back into the swing of things here with a 4-2 team that hasn't played competitively in the Big Ten.  But here are today's Nugz from around the Gopher interwebz.  I'll start with some Northwestern news and work my way back to the Gophers from there.

As you may be aware, NU had very high hopes coming into this season.  They were 11-2 in 2012 and were just over 5 minutes from being undefeated.  High hopes.  But hopes of a BCS game, hopes of an undefeated season have been erased after back-to-back losses.  As a way to wake the team up and keep them from moping after their losses the coaching staff attacked the team with 300 water balloons in their Monday meeting.

"You noticed that?" NU coach Pat Fitzgerald said. "Every once in a while you've got to wake the guys up, so we attacked them with about 300 water balloons at the end of the team meeting."

Hey, it's cheaper than shock therapy.

Northwestern has a 24-hour rule, but some players still were moping after their worst performance since stepping foot on campus.

I was kind of hoping that they would remain mopey and feeling sorry for themselves.