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Minnesota Football: Gophers Beating Northwestern Still Feels Good - Here's Some Videos and Pictures

Collected video and images from @GopherGridiron, @GopherFootball, and others on the interwebs.

Gopher Gridiron

Still enjoying the win? Good. Here are some goodies for you.

Gopher Gridiron was all over things, getting 3 videos up quickly.

Pregame speech from Coach Claeys:

RaShede Hageman hypes up the team:

Coach Claeys and Coach Kill address the team after the game. Plus, ROUSER!

Great stuff. In case it wasn't already obvious to everyone (cough asshat Souhan cough) this team is fully behind Coach Kill.  LOVE IT!

Ok, on to the pictures and tweets...

Mad at myself for not getting down there.

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