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Minnesota Football: The Daily Gopher Hangout Celebrates The Big Win, Hoosier Week, & Gopher Hockey

Matt and GoAUpher share their thoughts about Nebraska, this weekend's game against Indiana, and Gopher Men's and Women's Hockey dominance among other topics. Also, funny hats!

Hannah Foslien

It's time once again for another TDG Hangout. A quick look at some of what you'll see in this week's edition:

- Matt and I share our thoughts on the Nebraska game.

- Matt goes full scheme wonk and breaks down what he saw from the Gophers formation wise, what it was designed to do, and why it worked. He also explains what he'd like to see the Gophers do on offense the rest of the season.

- Matt and I trade expectations for Indiana. He makes me feel more confident.

- Quick recruiting update

- HOCKEY. We talk about how awesome the Gophers are. We try to wrap our heads around what it would be like if the women ran through an entire second year with the streak intact.

- Funny hats. Per Twitter request, I turn on the Google Effects and Matt and I wear hats and masks and monocles and stuff. There were sound effects as well but I guess they only played on my computer and no one else can hear them. Sad........

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