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Minnesota Football: Injuries Mount for Beleaguered Gopher Secondary

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Safety Cedric Thompson is being evaluated for concussion symptoms.  This is on top of the recurring shoulder problems for Derrick Wells, the separated shoulder suffered by Martez Shabazz (Muhammed) and the season ending knee injury to Briean Boddy Calhoun.

The list of who remains in the Gopher secondary is almost shorter than those potentially lost.  You may recall that Jeremy Baltazaar saw a lot of action at corner yesterday, as did safety Antonio Johnson and even safety Damarius Travis saw action.  True freshman, Jalen Myrick was also utilized in the second half meaning his opportunity to redshirt has been burned.

Depth in the secondary, or lack thereof, proved to be an important factor yesterday as the Gophers failed to get Michigan off the field on third down when the game was still within reach.  Getting Myrick ready and potentially moving a safety over to corner will be prioritized over the next two weeks in the event that some of the injured guys will still be unavailable in two weeks.

Claeys said true freshman Jalen Myric is among those who will get a long look at cornerback before the Northwestern game. Claeys also hinted that a safety could be moving to cornerback, with Brock Vereen one candidate, since he's played corner in the past.

Brock Vereen and Eric Murray have been versatile and healthy but beyond those two starters the rest of the secondary has been banged up and too often beaten.  Fortunately there are two weeks to prepare and get guys healthy before we face the controlled passing attack of a good Northwestern team.