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Minnesota Football: A Gopher Fan Guide To Indiana

Headed to the game this weekend? Here's a list of places worth visiting for food, beverage, and sights.

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I'm sure I'm not the only Gopher fan making his way down to IU this weekend. Personally, I'm really excited and nit just for the game. Bloomington, Indiana is known as a great college town. Which means there should be a bunch of great places for visiting fans to hang out in. I spoke with a pair of IU alums, my Madison buddy and OTE writer Candystripes for Breakfast (make sure to follow CfB on Twitter - @ericostby). Here are their suggestions:


General Notes On Drinks

(Candystripes for Breakfast) For alcohol, Kirkwood Avenue is where you want to hit first.

(Candystripes for Breakfast) For a slightly classier experience Nick's English Hut is my personal favorite, and is a long standing Bloomington tradition.
(Madison IU Bro) Nick's is an absolute must visit - Sink the Biz is the drinking game, and the pizza is really good

(Candystripes for Breakfast) KOK is a Greek (frats/sororities) bar for the most part, but is open to everyone and many students swear by it.
(Madison IU Bro) Kilroys on Kirkwood is across from Nicks - It's also a long-time favorite of mine
(Candystripes for Breakfast) If those places are too busy, Bear's Place on 3rd Street is famous for their "Hairy Bear" drink.
(Madison IU Bro) If you're looking for a good steak - there is a hole in the wall place called Little Zagrebs - really tasty and not super expensive - a must see - atmosphere is very college town

Mother Bear's Pizza

(Candystripes for Breakfast) If you are a big pizza fan, Mother Bear's on 3rd Street is a must.

(Candystripes for Breakfast) The premiere wings place near campus is Buffa Louie's.
General Food
(Candystripes for Breakfast) For food, those looking for diverse cuisine should stick to downtown Bloomington, where pretty much any ethnic group you can think of has a restaurant somewhere. In all honesty, you pretty much can't go wrong when eating in Bloomington.


General Activities

(Candystripes for Breakfast) For places to go, the easiest place is Assembly Hall, conveniently located to Memorial Stadium and usually open on game day. Also nearby is Cook Hall, the IU practice facility that holds a decent portion of Indiana basketball history as well. Close by is Armstrong Stadium, home of IU soccer and the Little 500 bike race, if either of those things interests you. If you have time before or after the game, the IU Arboretum tends to have some of the most scenic views on campus, and is the former home of Indiana football, back when it was known as 10th Street Stadium. Off campus, Oliver Winery is a few miles outside of town, and is arguably the best wine maker in Indiana. I also recommend going to, and picking what seems most interesting to you.


(Madison IU Bro) Bluebird has live music (Mellencamp has played there) - across the street from Kilroys Sports Bar

Been to Bloomington before?

Have other suggestions?

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