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Top [redacted] Things Heard on a Gopher Football Saturday

In which I don't actually remember much of anything.

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

"My mind is telling me noooooo

But my body... my body is telling me yes

I  don't want to hurt nobody

But there is something that I must confess..."

There really is something I must confess. I sort of, you know... well, sometimes when you're tailgating before a game and the good vibes are flowing, the drank starts flowing too. So, I um... I kind of over-served myself pre-game... and then also maybe a little bit during the game, and I...

Well, I must confess, I don't really remember any of the top things said before/during/after the game on Saturday.

I brought a bottle of WL Weller (which my "Bourbon Guy," GN, described to me over text message on Friday evening as "a good value bourbon," which to me translated to "a good tailgating bourbon.") So there was a full bottle of that. Then FrothyGopher, mid-tailgate, hands me a bottle of Evan Williams Single Barrel 2003 as a "thank you" for letting him use my grill, which is just a completely ridiculous thank you offering for letting someone use something that is already going to be there anyway, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth? Plus, he had been bragging earlier about how successful he is, so I'm not going to disrespect him by not accepting his gift.

8 of us had about "two fingers" of the EWSB, and then we all took a pull (or 4) off of the bottle of Weller. Some of the Weller also may or may not have made it into the stadium with us as well.

But I digress.

Let's just say when I cleaned out my pick-up on Sunday morning the bottle of Weller was... lacking, and the EWSB bottle was about a quarter full.


Wait, I remembered something! You may recall after the UNLV game I wrote the first of what was supposed to be the weekly (um, yeah, about that) "Top 5 things heard...: piece, and I wrote about a gentleman pointing out to Jeffrick and I that his wife was "pretty nice to watch walk away."

Well, it just so happens that said husband and his wife were sitting right in front of us on Saturday and I'm sure they told me their names, but as I pointed out earlier, I wasn't really in a place where I was going to be remembering much, and in this case, I didn't.

As football games when the Gophers are winning go, I was in a sharing mood, so I was sharing the Weller with pretty much anyone within arms distance, and I also happened to be "happy" enough, and in a sociable enough mood, that I decided to tell the aforementioned husband, when his wife (this story would be a lot easier to tell if those two jerks would have just told me their names) was off in the bathroom or buying beer or something, about how I used his funny phrase in a blog post and suddenly he's all "YOU GOTTA TELL HER ABOUT THAT WHEN SHE GETS BACK!!!" Which made me very uncomfortable until it occurred to me how "happy" I was feeling at that moment and that it was HIM, not me that had said the original kind of perverted thing, so oh well, yeah, I told her.

Next thing I know she's asking all of us our names and I see she has her phone out and I realize she's searching the interwebz for the blog, so instead I just had her hand me her phone and I found the link to the article for her. I then handed her phone back to her and I said something to the effect of "I'd probably feel creepy about this, but it was your husband who said it."

Also, their friend Pat (or maybe his name is Neil) gave us his tickets for the game so Josho & Nato could join us. Maybe for the BADgers game I'll try to keep my faculties about me and actually remember their names. Oh who am I kidding?

So that was fun, and we all had a good time, and we cheered and screamed and I think at some point I tried really hard to get a "BUCK THE FADGERS" cheer going, but only a couple of people joined in.

OH! I remembered another thing. The "GOLDEN-I" scream lives on! There were several more people who were screaming along with Jeffrick and I when the Gophers would line up in the Golden-I and we would call it out. And then to hear after the game that Beth Mowins was also calling it the Golden-I... oh man, I love this blog, and I love all of you and it's November 11th, 2013 AND THE GOPHERS ARE 8-2!!!

So since I can't remember much, what were some of the fun things YOU heard on the day the Gophers won their 8th game of the season?

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