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Minnesota Football: ESPN Announcers Read TDG - Golden-I References Abound!

Seriously, I consider this a high water mark in the history of TDG.

The video above includes every Golden-I reference from Saturday's ESPN2 coverage of Gophers vs. Penn State. A big shout out to AudenGopher, who coined the phrase back at the start of the Meme Madness contest.

Honestly guys, I'm pretty proud of this. Is it a small, kind of silly thing to be so excited about? Of course. But the fun stuff is what makes TDG and the other communities on SB Nation so awesome to be a part of! And the fact that something we did for ourselves to entertain us in the offseason made it on to an ESPN2 broadcast? I mean, that's awesomesauce right there. Now we just need to work on getting Mowins and Galloway to credit TDG and AudenGopher on the next broadcast. ;o) Seriously though, thanks to both Beth and Joey for taking the meme and running with it. It is simply further proof that...