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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers vs. Montana - The Game You Probably Aren't Able To See OPEN THREAD

So...yea, this one isn't on TV and unless you have Gophers All Access it's not on the internet either.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

Well, most of us are out of luck for watching the game that just tipped off, but if you're listening on the radio, are watching the GameTracker, or are there in person, feel free to add updates for everyone else who is struggling to follow along. =)

We can probably treat this as an Open Thread for all the big name matchups on TV tonight too.


When and Where:

7 PM CST, Williams Arena, Minneapolis, MN


TV: Pfffffttttt!

Radio: ESPN 1500 (or the ESPN 1500 app for your smartphone or tablet) or online audio.


- Gopher All-Access (subscription required)

- Live Stats