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Minnesota Football: Gophers vs. Indiana - Time To Extend The Streak

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Game Time: 2:30 PM
Radio: 100.3 FM, 1130 AM

The Stats

Minnesota Golden Gophers Indiana Hoosiers
Points / Game 30.1 42.4
Pass Yards 122.9 342.7
Rush Yards 217.8 171.3
3rd Down % 42.6% 46.7%
Key Offensive Player to Watch David Cobb Nate Sudfeld
Points Allowed/Game 23.1 37.1
Pass Yards 252.4 249.7
Rush Yards 131.6 221.0
3rd Down % 41.1% 46.4%
Key Defensive Player to Watch Brock Vereen Greg Heban

3 Keys

Maroon_key_medium Stop the pass - Last week it was all about stopping (or slowing) the ground game of Nebraska. This week it is a major challenge to slow down the very potent passing offense of Indiana's. Nate Sudfeld and Tre Roberson are both incredibly potent and can strike for six points on any given play. Wide Receiver, Cody Latimer has more receptions (40) than all of the Gopher wide receivers combined (39). The Gopher secondary was tested by David Fales of SJSU, but he didn't have this kind of receiving corp to work with. The safeties better be playing intelligently and not allowing any big plays over the top.

Time of possession matters, but not as much as points do -
Indiana dropped a game to Navy earlier in the season when the mid-shipmen ran the ball for 444 yards. They won the time of possession battle, which was important, but equally as important...they scored points. Conversely they didn't allow Indiana to have many quick drives, scoring on big plays. Making Indiana work for their points is vital, which increases their time of possession. So the moral? We need to finish drives with points and we need to make Indiana grind out drives

Maroon_key_mediumHold on to the ball - The Gophers need to limit wasted possessions and handing the ball back to IU in good field position or costing themselves a chance at points will not help Minnesota win this game.