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Louisville Basketball Minnesota Basketball: Rick Pitino vs. Richard Pitino to Open Next Season?

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

According to Rick Bozich and a tweet from Doogie the Gophers and Louisville Cardinals are set to open next season facing each other at a military location that is yet to be determined.

This from Bozich.

All the television sets in the University of Louisville basketball offices were dialed into Minnesota's game against Arkansas from the Maui Invitational Tuesday afternoon.

Rick Pitino was eager to watch every pick-and-roll called by his son, Richard, the first-year coach of Minnesota.

Or maybe Dad was getting a head start on scouting for next season.

"I will let you guys in on the scoop of the year," Pitino said in an interview with me, Eric Crawford and Steve Andress of WDRB Sports.

"If everything goes according to Hoyle, we will open up on a military base with Minnesota on national television next season."


"We're working on that now, but it could be Puerto Rico if it all works," Pitino said. "We haven't signed contracts. It's a long way from done. But it could be on a military base opening the season next year."

Doogie specifically said it would be on an aircraft carrier, with location to be determined.

I am pretty sure that the NCAA is shying away from aircraft carrier games after weather was an issue last year, but military base games are absolutely still in play.

A Pitino vs. Pitino match-up has been speculated since the Gophers hired the younger Pitino and all signs are pointing to it coming a reality to tip off the 2014-15 season.