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Minnesota Football: Gophers vs. Michigan State - A New Trophy Game? You Bet.

Ok, so it's not a real trophy. We made it up because it's the internet and if the Golden-I can be a thing why shouldn't we just make up a rivalry trophy?

Lincoln Park WIldcat

It is my great honor to introduce all of you to the Honeycrisp Trophy.


It's at this point where you are probably asking your computer a few questions:

- What is the Honeycrisp Trophy?

- How does it work?

- Honeycrisp? WTF is with that?

- Whose idea was this anyway and why would you do such a thing?

- Who designed this beautiful and delicious looking bit of B1G blog history?

Well friends, I'm glad you asked those questions! Let's see if I can't help explain things a little.

What is the Honeycrisp Trophy?

The Honeycrisp Trophy is a "travelling" blog trophy that will be exchanged between the SB Nation communities at The Only Colors and The Daily Gopher.

UPDATE: The fine folks at TOC love the trophy too!

How does it work?

We're still working out all the details, but the core decisions have been made. The Honeycrisp will be up for grabs any time the Gophers and Spartans face off in the Big 3 sports (football, MBB, MHockey). The part we're still working out is what happens once you win it. Obviously there isn't a trophy case to keep this in. But here are some basic rules I've brainstormed. The blog that doesn't have the trophy can't use it's image in any posts leading up to the game. The commenters at the "winning" blog should probably "claim" the trophy by posting it into the comments section of the victorious gamethread. And the blog that has possession should find fun way to taunt the other blog with it. If you've got ideas on this front, share them in the comments!

Honeycrisp? WTF is up with that?

Those of you who spend time over at Off Tackle Empire will already be familiar with this, but there is an OTE meme where Honeycrisp apples are a reason to hate Minnesota. I know, that doesn't make sense. The Honeycrisp apple inspired HATE was created by TOC and OTE member Spartan HT during OTE's Minnesota week. Here's the comment that started it all:

and fuck Minnesota for developing the Honeycrisp apple

You assholes have made my life so much more miserable since you developed it. All I hear about when I go home is how great the Honeycrisp is from people, despite the fact that you consumers grossly overpay for it because it really doesn’t cost as much to produce now that growers don’t have to pay royalties for the trees anymore. Do you know how many Honeycrisp apples I’ve had to pull out by hand when we take our apples out of storage because your POS apple can’t store worth a crap? I think the number is in the hundreds of thousands.

Now I go to grad school and if I want to do any research, I have to make sure it revolves around Honeycrisp. It’s all there is to effing do in the apple community, and it’s been screwing me over almost every step of the way since I’ve started grad school. Also, your stupid apple breeding program can’t move beyond the success of Honeycrisp, and now has to use it as a parent in every new variety that they’re releasing. Real original guys.

Fuck Minnesota and it’s apples.

In case you can't tell, SpartanHT works with apples. He may dislike the Honeycrisp (aka one of the best things invented at the University of Minnesota). Just one of those random moments when the internet world and a commenter's real life skills/knowledge collide in an awesome way. The Honeycrisp Trophy is the offspring of this random comment.

Whose idea was this anyway and why would you do such a thing?

It's your fault TDG. Seriously, some of our community members suggested it back in July (looking at you wildcat00 and bewilder2). I ran the idea past Chris Vannini (@ChrisVannini) of The Only Colors and we agreed it was an excellent idea. And why? Well...why not? This is by no means the craziest thing created on the internet. Besides, we live in a world where Jim Delany can turn Iowa and Purdue into "rivals" because BAGS OF MONEY. Additionally, it's already a far superior trophy to these...things:




Who designed this beautiful and delicious looking bit of B1G blog history?

I cannot claim credit for the trophy you see at the top of this page. It was proudly crafted by OTE and SOP member Lincoln Park Wildcat (@LPWildcat). I hope you'll all join me in thanking him for his hard work!

So there you go TDG. Our first ever blog trophy. Time to comment, comment, and comment some more until it's ours based on events that our outside of our direct control.  =)