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TDG Holiday Shopping Ideas for Gopher Fans

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Another annual tradition is the promotion of some of my favorite Gopher gift ideas.  This is the post that you send to your spouse/significant other/mother/roommate as minor suggestions if they are looking to get you a special Christmas gift.  These are some of the best.


Asgard Press Vintage Gopher Calendar


This is absolutely one of my favorite things for Gopher fans.  This calendar hangs in my household every year.  The fine folks at Asgard Press take images of vintage game programs and use them to make their calendars.  These are pretty inexpensive and make a good stocking stuff caliber gift for your favorite Gopher fan.  I know many of you have purchased these and I am going to assume that you love them, because how could you not?

Dockers Game Day Khakis


These are kind of cool pants with the M on the back pocket and Sky U Mah on the inside of the belt loop.  The maroon pants are a bit obnoxious but there are probably some good tailgating opportunities to wear them.

The Daily Gopher T-Shirts

(discount code - SBNCYBER15)

Specifically, you need the Golden-I shirt because we came up with Golden-I and they said it on ESPN so that is kinda cool.  This is my favorite of our t-shirt designs but there are some other quality shirts there as well , with hopefully more to come.  Again, many of you have purchased these shirts and feel free to use the comments to tell us about the quality of the shirts.  I am still waiting for the day when I see one of our shirts in the crowd of student section or walking to a game; I will smile a big smile on that day.


AND if you wait till Cyber Monday, all shirts are 15% off with a special code.  I have not been given the code yet but will put it here when it is sent to me.

Gopher Gnomes


The very same gnomes used by GoAUpher to make his weekly Gnomes post.  These are cool and belong in the front yard of every man/woman who considers themself a Gopher fan.

There are plenty of other fine Gopher products available.  I need a new Gopher hat and am always jealous of the very cool Gopher gear that the players/coaches/staff is sporting.  But the products above are the ones I'm endorsing for the moment as slightly different yet fun Gopher products.

Happy Holidays and hopefully I just reduced your shopping list by one or two items.