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Minnesota Football: Gopher Football 2013 Highlight Video

Gopher Football 2013 Highlight Video! This season has been a lot of fun for Gopher fans and this video captures a sliver of it. What were your favorite plays of 2013?

Some that stood out to me were...

  • Hageman loses helmet en route to sacking.
  • Philip Nelson to Derrick Engel 4th down touchdown against Nebraska.
  • Hageman interception at Northwestern.
  • Maxx Williams touchdown at Michigan from Mitch Leidner.
  • Maxx Williams 50-yd TD at Indiana.
  • Aaron Hill interception return against Wisconsin.
  • Aaron Hill fumble recovery to seal the win at Indiana.
  • Marcus Jones kickoff return for touchdown to open 2nd half against UNLV.

This is really a trick question. The only acceptable answer is "Jerry Kill."

I challenge you to only watch this video once.