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Minnesota Football: Golden Nugz - 12.17.13 - Help Send Kids To Texas Bowl

Nate Shron

This is pretty awesome.  Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician (that is a blog name, not a statement) decided to try and raise money to send kids to the Texas Bowl.  They have done this in the past to send kids to Syracuse basketball games, but they wanted to see if they could send 200 kids (native to Houston, they aren't flying sick kids from New York to Houston) to the Syracuse-Minnesota game.

They were hoping to raise $12,000 by Friday! They have raised over $18,000 by midnight last night! Turns out that the Texas Bowl found out what they were doing and lowered the ticket price so they are going to be sending to be sending a LOT of kids (like over 400) to the game from the Houston area.

This is a great idea, not only because they are going to be sending kids to a college football game but these tickets also count towards the Syracuse ticket allotment.  Great idea guy.

With all of that said, I think this is a great cause and we should support this.

Follow this link and then follow the donate link if you so choose.

Great work by our SBN bros at TNIAAM!  Picked up by Deadspin.