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Happy Holidays Question: What's Your Favorite Gopher Gift?

For those who have been nice, it's almost the time of year when Goldy comes down the chimney and gives you that cool new Gopher hat you've been wanting. Before that happens, we're sharing our favorite Gopher gifts from holidays past.

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Robert Prezioso

Happy Xmas Eve Day everyone! I hope to have a snarky gnomes post up in a bit, but in the spirit of the holiday I figured I'd ask you all a fun question first:

What Gopher gift was your favorite to give/receive and why?

Mine was a series of small gifts from my wife back in 2007. She had found a really nice pair of sweatpants (that I'm wearing right now) which would actually fit me. While that's not an easy thing to do when shopping for a 6'9" guy, she still wanted to find something more unique. So she emailed Coach Brewster to ask if he had any suggestions for a die-hard Gophers fan. He (well, probably his recruiting coordinator or someone) responded that same day with a list of really great Gopher gifts. My favorite of the ones she chose was a neat book called "Ray Christensen's Gopher Tales."


I read it all during that holiday week, but it's a book I enjoy picking up from time to time just to flip to a random story and read it quickly.

I'm sure you all have some fun stories related to Gopher gift giving, so please share them in the comments! And make sure to come back and see the snarky, musical fun the gnomes are putting together for you.

What Gopher gift was your favorite to give or get from holidays past?