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Minnesota Football: Gophers Lose Rodeo Bowl - Tommy Olson Wins My Award For Awesomeness

The Gophers did not repeat as Rodeo Bowl Champions. You don't care. Not because the rodeo bowl doesn't matter. Because Tommy Olson dancing, that's why.

The video above is the highlights of the Rodeo Bowl competition yesterday between Syracuse and Minnesota. The Gophers lost 6-1 and Troy Nunes has an in depth recap if you are so inclined. To be honest though, all you really need to see is this:


It is my duty to unhappily inform you that Tommy DID NOT win the dancing portion of the competition. I suspect some for of foul play was involved and I urge Coach Kill to demand a recount in the voting. Epic hose job aside, Tommy is such a dancing machine that his performance had the official Gopher Football account asking an important question:

I'm sure some of his teammates might have something to say about this, but I can guarantee he's a better dancer than I am. As the Rodeo Bowl preview shows, Tommy was ready for the moment and I think he represented the Gophers well. Hats off to Tommy!

SKI-U-MAH everyone!