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Off-Topic... Super Bowl: Who ya got, and why?

It's the last weekend of football for awhile, so who are we cheering for?

The best part about the actual game on Sunday? No more of this.
The best part about the actual game on Sunday? No more of this.
Chris Graythen

Outside of the occasional link in the Nugz, we don't talk about the NFL much around here. And even when the NFL is brought up in the Nugz, it's almost always Vikings related. But with this being the final weekend of real football for about 7 months, I thought maybe it would be fun to spend some time talking about the NFL. Specifically, who we're cheering for in the Super Bowl, and why.

I'm not sure I've spent as much time thinking about the NFL in the past 5 years as I have in the past 5 days. I've gone back and forth on who to root for in this game.

On the one hand you've got the Ravens. Current team of former Vikings, and Minnesota product, Matt Birk. I've always liked Matt Birk. He's a heady player, a leader, and a guy who can be pretty funny with the media when he isn't spewing political garbage. He's the kind of guy who played on the Vikings who you really wanted to see win a Super Bowl, and you were disappointed when he left. Er, at least I was.

I also happen to think John is slightly less douchy than Jim in the battle of the brothers.

But then you've got the Ray Lewis factor. Stabby McStaberson. Look, we're happy for Ray. He's in his final run, he's made it to the Super Bowl, blah blah blah. But holy Lou Diamond Phillips, Ray! Could you just shut up for one damn minute? The people want to like you but you just keep talking and talking. I was kind of okay with Ray, I was tolerating him. But then this deer antler juice thing came out and he went ahead and called it a "trick of the devil," and that pretty much did it for me.

Lastly, Bryant McKinnie. The uber-talented, underachieving, former Hurricane and former Viking is, well... the anti-Matt Birk. He is where he is not because of hard work, but because of size and talent. He's the kind of former Viking that you would sort of hate to see rewarded with a Super Bowl ring... unless someone can also kick him in the nuts while he's receiving the ring. That might be okay.

I think my desire to see Ray Lewis NOT win another Super Bowl, and to see Bryant McKinnie NOT win any Super Bowl at all (even if it does mean he gets kicked in the Menards), leads me to cheer for the 49ers by default. Sorry Matt Birk.

Who others will be cheering for...

Wife JDMill

At some point Wife JDMill saw Jim Harbuagh and she was smitten. "Well... he's CUTE." She said. Then she found out that Jim has the same birthday as she does (Dec 23... feel free to mark it down and send gifts. She likes chocolate.) and then she was even more of a 49ers fan. But ever since the whole HarBowl things has come into play, she's gotten a good look at John Harbuagh and has surmised that he, not Jim, is the cuter of Jack's kids. Therefore, Wife JDMill will be cheering for the Ravens, which should make my Super Bowl Sunday extra special.

Manti Te'o

Although Manti realizes that a raven is a real, living, breathing, flying thing, he tends to lean toward things that don't exist, or at least don't exist anymore. For that reason, he is cheering for the 49ers.

Bert Bielema

Rumor has it that Bert grew up as a very loyal fan of the New England Patriots. But the Patriots didn't really reciprocate Bert's love, so he decided to change his loyalties to their arch-rivals: the Ravens. Bert has been talking for weeks about how he can't wait to cheer for the Ravens in the Super Bowl, but conventional wisdom tells us that Bert will switch the cheering for the 49ers just before kick-off. WOOO BAY AREA SOOOIIIEEEE.

Tubby Smith's mustache

Tubby's lip-tickler will certainly be cheering for the 49ers because they are favored in the Super Bowl. Unless the Ravens score first, then Tubbystache will be cheering for the Ravens. But if the 9ers then take the lead before halftime he'll switch back to cheering for them. Finally, when all hell breaks loose in the 2nd half and the game is in doubt the stache won't know who to cheer for and will fall on a razor, ending it all.

Who others are cheering for according to GoAUpher:


I'm cheering for the 49'ers. Why? Because I have to cheer for someone. And I don't hate Jim Harbaugh the way some people do. Is he a petulant child? 100%. But he's pretty honest about being a jackass and I can respect that. Also, his trolling of Pete Carroll and USC while coaching at Stanford was masterful and hilarious to behold. I could easily see myself cheering for the Ravens in a different scenario. I'm not one of the "Ray Lewis...murder trial...mumble mumble...RAVENS BAD" people, that's for sure. But between the Ravens and 49'ers, I'm going to have to go with San Francisco.

Goldy Gopher

When asked who he was cheering for between the Harbaughs Goldy spun his head for 3 minutes (it was pretty impressive actually).

Pat Reusse

Pat is cheering for whichever team will piss off more people at GopherHole. He hasn't revealed his selection yet, but Charlie Walters' little birdies are telling me that their close personal friend Sid Hartman said he saw Reusse at 31 Flavors last night and he seemed pretty excited by the prospect of Ray Lewis winning.

Norwood Teague

Our fearless leader doesn't care who wins. All he cares about is separating boosters from their checkbooks at one of his sweet, sweet Super Bowl parties. (ED NOTE: If any of you win the lottery I demand you bring me as a guest to the party that Norwood throws in honor of your luck).

Coach J Robinson

No idea. He glared at me for interrupting practice and I ran away in fear.

So who are you cheering for this Super Bowl Sunday, and why?